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By Michele

Use Hot Tools to get the Results You Want and Protect Your Hair!

Does your hair seem like it never grows?

Well, it's probably growing just fine but, likely, you're breaking off the ends by using your hot tools incorrectly!


Your curling iron, flat iron and blow dryer, when used incorrectly will actually overheat and break off the ends of your hair.

Let's fix those mistakes right now!

Watch or read on...

First, in this video I show you exactly how to apply heat to the shaft of your hair, not the ends. The ends are fragile and will dry out and break off very easily.

So, what's the answer?

(:20) Start in the middle and then pivot while you heat. This will give you a beautiful curl (without the crease!) and much better shine without burning the ends.

The same overheating happens with our flat irons!.

Generally, we run our hair through the flat iron 5, 6 or 7 times, and then, we go back and hit the frizzies even harder. STOP!

(1:30) One slow, purposeful pass will get you much better results and protect the health of your hair.

Then, do all of the textured ends together as the final step.

Finally, use the cold shot feature on your blow dryer to lock in all of your hard work. Just hit the button and cool off your hairstyle for longer lasting results. (2:12)

And, use the director tip to put the air exactly where you need it.

If you found that video helpful, we have 4 more for you HERE!



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