Optimistic. Passionate.

When you think of hair as art, anything is possible.



Great hair comes from a fun environment!

Art in the form of great hair has the power to transform your attitude, mood, and confidence. It has the ability to inspire those around us to be bold or to try something new.

The hair salon, as we know it, has been changed forever. 


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Exhilarating Color

From wild to rich, great color has the ability to "Wow!" at first glance.

Whether you’re looking for deep, rich, romantic tones or a stunning fantasy palette, we got you covered!

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Exciting Cuts

Confidence and style like you've never experienced before.

We take the time to design the perfect cut just for you, every time. Luscious layers or a bold bob, anything is possible.


Extrodinary Style

Bring it all together with the perfect products and styling techniques. We'll show you exactly how to achieve your best look, every day.



No matter what kind of transformation you're looking for, Michele is ready to make your wildest dreams come true...

POP & R+Co.

Look Great. Everyday.

Great products are a must to look your best every day.  POP Hair Art has partnered with the premier product line R+Co to bring you an unrivaled experience. From shampoo to styling, in the salon or at home, R+Co products will always bring it all together. 

POP Hair Art is Hiring! 

POP Hair Art is looking for a committed stylist who is looking to develop a career level income and rewarding lifestyle. If you're deadly serious about your craft, check out our careers page. 



223 Clay Street in Kerrville

Give us a call or stop by, we'd love to hear from you!

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